Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of this quotation includes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and above any other Terms and Conditions.

Continuity of work
Prices quoted is on the understanding that the work quoted will proceed without interruption.

Force Majeure

Execution of the work the subject of this quotation may be totally of partially suspended by us during any period in which we maybe prevented or hindered from executing the work as result of acts of God, fire, accidents, war, hostilities, strikes, lockouts or other contingencies beyond our control whether of the same nature as the foregoing or not.

Incidental and Consequential Damages
Not withstanding any provision contained in this agreement to the contrary, and except with respect to parties indemnification obligations for third party claims hereunder, no party to this agreement will be liable to any other party to this agreement for any incidental, indirect, special, punitive or consequential damages arising out of or related to the performance or non-performance of this agreement unless the damages arose due to a parties gross negligence or willful breach of this agreement.

This quotation allows for insurance cover for Workers Compensation Insurance and Public Risk Insurance ($20, 000,000.00).

Variation to work quoted for
Any variation to work quoted for will be only carried out on the production of proper written authority.

Term of payment
• Remaining progress invoices may be issued weekly as a percentage of works completed for the given period of claim.
• Unless otherwise agreed to in writing payment is strictly netwithin7 days of invoice. Interest at current Bank Overdraft rates will be charged on overdue accounts.
• Any costs incurred in the collection of overdue accounts, shall be at the cost of the client.

Duration of quotation
After a period of 30 days hereof, this Quotation is subject to confirmation before acceptance of order.